Top 10 Metal Albums of 2009

In no particular order. And a few may be from 2008. But I don’t care. – Brad, CD Baby Metal Editor

Disarmonia Mundi : Fragments of D-Generation

Metal/Punk: Death Metal

Italian death metal that is way more melodic than most, while still keeping it plenty brutal. If that suits your tastes, you’ll definitely be down for this one. Best song title: “Swallow the Flames.”

Worwyk : Malignant

Metal/Punk: Heavy Metal

Prog-ish metal that works in some thrash just to let you know they’re not planning on getting too technical. Pure throwback metal that is relentless. Best song title: “As You Die.”

The Day of the Beast : The Day of the Beast

Metal/Punk: Thrash/Speed Metal

Nothing short of a full-on thrash metal assault, with one of the best album covers of the year to boot. This album is unstoppable, and will shred your brain. Best song title: “Dead, Yet Dreaming.”

One Hundred Suns : Beneath the Hooves of Time

Metal/Punk: Black Metal

Black metal that never does what you think it might. Six tracks, all filled with brutality at every turn. This is one that might haunt you for many nights to come. Embrace it. Best song title: “Destroyer of Worlds.”

Dreamshade : To The Edge Of Reality

Metal/Punk: Death Metal

Technical death metal that doesn’t get overindulgent, but still wows with the maniacal guitar prowess. The first two songs are both six minutes long. Awesome. Best song title: “Venom of Life.”

Blade Of The Ripper : Taste The Blade

Metal/Punk: 80’s Metal

Besides boasting one of the greatest album titles of the year, this group also has old-school thrash chops that will make fans of real-deal metal stand up and yelp. Best song title: “Here Comes the Knife.”

Viraemia : EP

Metal/Punk: Death Metal

One of the most insane records I heard all year. Technical, bludgeoning, and impossible to ignore. If you like your death metal with some serious speed, get this. Best song title: “Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation.”

The Prowlers : Re-Evolution

Metal/Punk: Power Metal

Italian prog/power metal that will knock your face off of your skull. Like any good power metal album, it starts slow, and then busts it open and never stops. Best song title: “De Bello Gallico VI-VIII.”

Evil Masquerade : Fade to Black

Metal/Punk: Neo-Classical Metal

A bit neo-classical, and a bit just straight-up power metal. Whatever you want to call it, it will punch you in the face repeatedly and you will like it. Best song title: “In a Dungeon Close to Hell.”

Jerseyband : Beast – Wedding

Metal/Punk: Progressive Metal

Instrumental jazz-metal that I would urge anyone to try out if you’re looking for something different. This disc is incredible, and they have three other albums with us that are equally good. Best song title: “Pipemaster (Child of Horse and Man).”