Top 10 Alternative Rock Albums of 2009

Disguised as Birds – New Demons

If you miss Jawbox, check these guys out. Sounds like all the best DC rock from yesteryear. But they’re from Wisconsin. Go figure.

The Ivys – Requiem

Female fronted, keyboard-y pop rock that never skimps on the catchy melodies. Make sure to sample “Never Let You In.”

Satan’s Pilgrims – Psychsploitation

The triumphant return of the NW psych-surf legends. If you’re in the mood for some vintage-sounding instrumental rock, rock this.

Sandman Viper Command – Everybody See This

Angsty garage rock that just won’t slow down. The guitars are ragged (in a good way), and the vocals are perfect for these kinds of tunes.

Frantic Clam – Anatomica

I can’t believe these guys aren’t bigger by now. Their sound is so hard to nail down, but it’s so easy to like. Listen to “Fort Worthless” and love it.

Akron/Family – Set ‘Em Wild, Set ‘Em Free

If you’re ready for a whole new level of jammery, this is a great place to start. Calling this “psych rock” is mostly accurate, but there’s so much more.

We Are Hex – Gloom Bloom

It’s like The Cure asked PJ Harvey to sit in on vocals. The lavish production and beautiful singing on this album are only part of what makes it so great.

Elder Statesmen – Hail Cannon

Literate college rock that never does what you think it might. Great vocals, great lyrics, and some incredible tones that are wonderfully hard to identify.

Modern Rifles – I Was Young, It Was Dark

Smart, punky rock that yells, screams, and just completely rips the whole thing apart. A really impressive album, from front to back. Hate to say “intense,” but it is.

Enjoy Your Pumas – Ink: The EP

Aside from having one of my favorite band names of the year, this group has the songs to back it up. Vocalist Rosie Blais is diverse as they come, with a huge voice.