Pomplamoose is getting Christmasy with Zoe Keating!

Update! – Pomplamoose has made a wonderful new song and video with Zoe Keating called “Always in the Season” which is being made available, along with another song, to anyone who buys a goat for a deserving home in an impoverished nation. It’s coordinated by Worldvision, which seems like a good charity. So, if you’re into good music and into helping mankind, I recommend going with Pomplamoose and their “MP-Free” holiday song/goat exchange program.

Details of this awesome song and goat-buying deal can be found on on that youtube page.

(The rest of the previously published post) I first noticed Pomplamoose when their irrepressible video version of Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” made the rounds a few months ago. As of today, that video has gotten almost 3 million views on Youtube. Congrats to them for that.

Well, imagine what a happy surprise it was to find that they’re a CD Baby artist and their album VideoSongs is available for under 8 bucks! They make good, clean, fun, unpretentious indie pop in the style of Feist, The Bird and the Bee, and Regina Spektor.

My favorite track on the album (at the moment) is track 4 – “Centrifuge.” Which your favorite song?

  • Hey hey! Thanks for letting people know about the song/mp-free/worldvision thing. We’ve gotten a lot of donations, but we’re still hoping to reach as many folks as possible.

    P.S. Zoe Keating is awesome. As were the other musicians we worked with (Anton, Andy and Matt). Always a pleasure to work with great musicians. We’re going to do more of that in the future. Currently in LA collaborating with Allee Willis, the writer of September. Good times, good times…