Julian Lennon is back and on CD Baby

After a decade-long hiatus, Julian Lennon has returned to the music world with a fabulous EP that’s for a good cause. Inspired by the same “Lucy” who inspired his father’s legendary “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds,” this thoughtful title track honors her memory and raises money for charities that support Lupus research. Recorded with songwriting partner James Scott Cook, this is good music for a good cause, from a good artist.

  • Tracey Mustaca

    I am very happy to see that Julian lennon has another album. I am especiallly happy and pleasantly surprised that he is raising money for the Lupus foundation. As a suffereer of lupus, I really appreciate any help that is tagged for this insideous disease that takes on many forms in all different people in so many differing combinations. I wonder if he is impacted by it as well somehow in his life? I enjoyed the movie about the whales, and wil also enjoy the cd when I get it :O) Humanitarians are far few and in between. It’s nice to see your talents used in such ways.:O)