Grizzly Bear – A way back flashback

Remember 2006? Way back when Bush was president, it was the 250th anniversary of Mozart’s birth, The Beatles mashup album sold 3.2 million copies, and the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie made over $1 billion? Yeah, that was 2006.

Well, you might like to know that in 2006 a then-little-known band called Grizzly Bear released their debut album, “Horn of Plenty” on CD Baby.

It’s true. And while I’m happy to report that the now-big-time famous indie folk-rockers have only gotten better as they’ve gotten older, this album is nothing to sneeze at. There’s, like, a billion songs on it, including remixes from Final Fantasy, Castanets, Ariel Pink, and more. Seriously, they used every bit and byte of space to fill it up with their dreamy, romantic folky sounds.

If you’ve doing holiday shopping, they’re a great gift for fans of Sufjan Stevens, Nick Drake, Animal Collective, and the Unicorns.

So now you know.