Weezer-ish stuff (Matt Sharp plus a tribute album) on CD Baby

Weezer Tribute
So, Weezer is in the news a bunch these days with their new album. But did you know that CD Baby is the home of Weezer founding member Matt Sharp? That’s right; he’s totally indie now and he’s got 2 releases (1 full length and 1 EP) with us. “Former Weezer bassist and MTV Buzz Clip band The Rentals’ mastermind Matt Sharp ended his four-year, self-imposed hiatus from the music business, releasing the critically acclaimed “Puckett’s Versus the Country Boy” EP on Portland-based indie In Music We Trust Records.” It’s introspective folky goodness that you can check out his stuff right here.

Also, if you want to hear some loving covers of classic Weezer songs, check out this rad Weezer tribute album.  The makers of this album call it “The first ever Tribute to Weezer featuring Monique Powell of Save Ferris as well as many new hot bands from all over the world. If you are a Weezer fan then you might like these twists on their famous songs.” I’d say it’s 16 songs deep and gets into some great album cuts; songs you’ll never hear on the radio. Dig the techno take on “No One Else” or the note-for-note version of “Holiday”.  Good times can be heard right here.

  • Hai there!
    My band just recorded our very own full song!!!

    Check it out, we’ve learnt a lot from your blog! 🙂