The Music Discovery Podcast goes to India and back! – If The Beatles’ “Norwegian Wood” is as close as you’ve gotten to hearing Indian Classical music, you’re really in for a wonderful discovery. From ancient Vedic devotional singing to instrumental ragas featuring tanpura, tabla, and sitar, this music will touch the Western ear with equal parts mystery and beauty. Enjoy selections from our Indian Classical Playlist. As usual, our editor’s also supply us with their picks for the week.

Editor’s Picks

A Camp –

The Honey Dewdrops –

Naim Amor –

Indian Classical

Josh Feinberg -

Sandhya -

Purbayan Chatterjee and Jayanthi Kumaresh -

  • We have been featured on CD Baby Music Discovery podcast, right after a mexican traditionnal band that I really loved, and i like to be pleasantly surprised by such coincidences. It reminded me of my father’s music. And, well, I have a soft spot for trad musics.