Euphonium Euphoria + Editor’s picks and spider bites – Kevin and Peter take a listen to the Euphonium as they sample tracks from this weeks featured playlist: Euphonium Euphoria.  These albums put the tubas and euphoniums upfront in the mix, carrying the lead with their warm, bouncy tones.  Plus new and exciting music that has been added to CD Baby in the last week.

Euphonium Euphoria

Mike DiCuirci and Chuck Clevenger –

Tormod Flaten, Euphonium –

Editors Picks

Pepper Pots –

Aaron & The Sea –

BrotherSister –

Maxime Bender –

  • First, thanks for this podcast series. It really is a nice way to find new music that I might not find casually browsing the site.

    FYI – The difference between a euphonium and a tuba is that the euphonium is a tenor instrument while a tuba is a bass and they are in the same family of instruments. Sheet music for euphonium and it’s cousin the baritone is often written for “tenor tuba”. The direction of the bell is pretty irrelevant and there are plenty of tubas that project forward though the one that most people think of as a tuba is actually the sousaphone.

    I usually like listening to the podcast a fair bit but something like this honestly makes me wonder about the fact-checking on other information that you’ve talked about in previous podcasts so hopefully this is just a one-time thing.

    Again, thanks for the podcast.

    • Kevin Breuner


      Thanks for the info on the Euphonium! Yes, our description of the Euphonium needed some work, but we are 100% sure that the tracks we featured had the Euphonium, so at least we had that right. With the internet, can anyone really know anything for sure anymore?

      Thanks for listening to the podcast! Our goal is to introduce you to great new indie artists and provide a little bit of whit and humor on the side. I hope we’re succeeding at that!


  • Kudos to CD Baby for featuring not only classical music, but this ridiculously neglected instrument. Those fascinated by, or already interested in, music for the euphonium might enjoy my Concertino for euphonium and concert band which appears on an album of mine that is available through CD Baby, David Gaines: Music For Winds.

  • Peter

    I’m pretty sure I caught a case of acute euphonium on a recent trip to South America. Why didn’t you guys talk about the dark side of euphonium, the silent killer?