Introducing the CD Baby Rockabilly Podcast

The CD Baby Rockabilly podcast is here to help you discover rockabilly artists, songs, and albums, both new and old, from all around the globe. In this debut episode, Peter brings you a look at the spread of rockabilly, through time, and across the globe, with a classic track from rockabilly Hall of Famer Rusty York, the Latino rockabilly sounds of Pep Torres, the Japanese rockabilly of Yuichi & The Hilltone Boys, and a Swedish group that fuses country, Americana, and folk : Eamonn Dowd & the Racketeers.

Track List

Rusty York –

Pep Torres –

Yuichi & The Hilltone Boys –

Eamonn Dowd & the Racketeers –

  • Jennifer Buehler

    Any idea why this hasn’t shown up on iTunes yet?

    • admin


      It’s in there, just search CD Baby and it will come right up. They had some sort of tech glitch over at iTunes the day we submitted the podcast, so the album cover still doesn’t show in the search result. When you go to the podcast’s page, you’ll see the cover. Hopefully that issue will be fixed soon!

  • Jennifer Buehler

    I found it. I was jsut confused because this is the first time they had it under a separate feed.

  • frefoster

    I love this podcast. Can’t wait to hear the next one! 5 stars.

  • Jakespeed

    Dude, love your podcast and all the groovy tracks, but I must say….Any way to take the banter up a notch? Radio personality voice does not swing with the music. Don’t need to be like the Kat on “Killed by Porn” podcast, but one or two notches would help. Thanks for turning me on to Pep Torres!. Actually already had him on one of my Hot Rod compulations, but did not pay close attention.
    JT:O-town, F-L-A

  • This was a really good post. I want to hear more. Possibly your guests will like my website with rockabilly and skater pictures.