Introducing the CD Baby Hip Hop Podcast!

Kickin’ like a kick drum, the CD Baby Hip Hop Podcast is an all-encompassing look–or listen, if you will–at some of the best hip hop and rap music CD Baby has to offer. Our catalog represents a diverse mix of styles from around the globe, so each episode will take aim at a specific genre, sub-genre, or uniting theme (regional sounds, etc.) that ties the music together. CD Baby hip hop editor Brad, digs through the crates, hosting each installment and helping you find some great new music.

In the inaugural episode of the CD Baby Hip Hop Podcast, we take a look at artists who buck the norm, shun the mainstream, and make hip hop on their own terms. They call it Underground, and its deep recesses house some of the finest lyricists out there.

Track List

Analog Dive –

BumRap –

Big Ref, Myf & Noah 23 –

Verbal Kent & Kaz1 –