Introducing the CD Baby 60’s Pop Podcast

Introducing our latest addition to the CD Baby podcast family – The CD Baby 60’s Pop Podcast!  To kick things off, we’re going to feature one of the most unique keyboard instruments from the 60’s, the mellotron.  The mellotron was one of the world’s first sampling machines, and is still the go-to instrument when artists want to achieve that dreamy, disembodied psychedelic sound popularized by songs like The Beatles’ “Strawberry Fields Forever.” Hear how some 21st century artists employ the hazy tones of this temperamental keyboard.

Track List

Sir Haakon & the Popular Musicians -

Basement Apartment -

Aaron Booth -

Mist and Mast -

PT Walkley -

Mike Coykendall -

  • Lauren B.

    Cool podcast. The mellotron just went from obsolete to Neat! in my book. Who knew the Moody Blues used the mellotron – I will be waiting for THAT question to show up in a game of Trivial Pursuit.

    If only music dorks ruled the world…

  • Thanks! I’ve actually had the chance to mess with a vintage mellotron in person. Very cool instrument, but very temperamental.

    Some day music dorks will rule the world!


  • Al

    What an absolutely great podcast!It will be staying on my harddrive for ever and ever.I have only one request.PLEASE more than every 6 weeks.How about a 23hour one everyday.I think I can get by on 1 hour of sleep a night.I used to do it 35 years ago.Thankyou very much for this and don’t forget-no ‘ in 60s Al

  • I really enjoyed this and would be happy to help in the putting together of future 60’s pop podcasts if you need help, just let me know…