Beer Soaked Irish Rock & Instrumental Post Rock

This week we’re featuring two Playlists from!

Beer Soaked Irish Rock -

A toast to the bands who take traditional Celtic rock, get it a little tipsy, and soup up the tempos. Guaranteed to rile the rowdy patrons and get the pint glasses clanking in unison. If you like the classic work of the Pogues, you’ll love this!

Instrumental Post Rock -

Instrumental, sad, and often beautifully sparse… These are albums that recall stark romanticism, uncrowded air, and those rare places where words have no meaning.

Track List

Greenland Whalefishers -

Fiffin Market -

The Dreadnoughts -

Signal Hill -

Followed By Ghosts -

Movus -

Misc. -

  • Thanks for the podcast guys. I’ve been really into instrumental (and non-instrumental) post/prog rock recently and this was fun to listen to! Will definitely have to check out some of those bands. Sure you guys have heard of most of these, but I put together a list of some of my favs:

    • Ben,

      Glad you enjoyed the podcast! I’ll have to check out your list of bands. Like I said in the podcast, I’m a big fan of the genre and actually dabble in it as well! I’ll have to get some of my tracks posted on CD Baby!


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