Love Stinks! + 1 Video Game Love Song - Everyone knows that love is one of the most common subjects of popular songwriting, but what about the other side, the not romantic songs? There is a rich tradition of heartbreak and loss being the subject of some of our best known and loved songs. The blues, after all, predates pop music by a ways, and many blues songs are lamenting love gone wrong. So, songs like  “Love or Confusion”, “I’m Thru With Love,” “Sour Times”, to basically the majority of Morrissey’s career; we love to hear about people’s problems with love. One thing’s for sure – love stinks.  In this episode, Kevin and Peter play songs that examine the down side of love and bring you a little a little bit of Valentine’s history, plus a popular, if unconventional, song about love via Mario Kart.

Track List

Shannon Curtis -

Mike Schmid -

Clara Lofaro -

Tony Penn -

Little Lemon -

Sam Hart -

  • Hank Williams said it best in there is a tear in my beer. Hank always found a way to make a good country song out of heart break and beer. Man I miss that guy.