Jazzy Rap – Plus more indie goodness!

CD Baby Jazzy Rap Playlist

Kevin and Peter are finally done with the holiday music (at least for the next 9-10 months), so they’re now able to bring you some of the great non-holiday music from CD Baby. In this week’s exciting Music Discovery Podcast, they bring you 3 songs from the Jazzy Rap playlist, and 3 other songs that have caught our attention lately, from a variety of genres. Like the post-holiday format? Want to suggest a change? Leave a comment, if you dare.

Track list

1. C Phineas – RIGA

2. Shep – My Lover

3. Shammy Dee – Transcripted Thoughts

4. Aidan Hawken – Prodigal Son

5. Patrick Bebey – Engome

6. T Bird and the Breaks – Two Tone Cadillac

  • Alex

    Once again, a great podcast, with very interesting artists. And I also like how there’s a whole other half for random music. However, I would prefer to hear more rock, particularly punk, grunge, alternative, and neo-classical metal. Just some advice.

  • admin


    Thanks for the feedback! Don’t worry, we’ll be hitting more of the rock genres in the coming weeks. In fact, next weeks episode will feature a track by one of my favorite rock bands that I’ve discovered on CD Baby. They’re call The Radishes. You can find them here -> http://cdbaby.com/radishes2

  • This was cool to check out. I always like hearing new artists and seeing what the future is going to be like.